Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this camera handle sturdy?

A: Yes, it is made out of 2 inch wide, 1/8 inch thick mild steel, bent using a forging hammer, and bolted together using lock washers. The units are strength tested, after setting the bolts in the bolt holes, the unit is twisted to see if the structure gives, and inspected for cracks in the metal, once they are given the OKAY they head straight to you.

Q: What material is the top handle port made from? Is it as strong as the frame?

A: The top mounting block is made from 6065 aluminum block. The block is machined and threaded in 4 locations on the bottom, to be attached to the frame, and one hole for the handle. The handle and the threads in the block are both tapered to insure maximum strength and reliability when using the rig.

Q: What are the dimensions of the Z-Rig? Weight?

The Z-Rig measures 8 inches wide X 2 inches deep (with no handle attached) X 8 inches high. The handle adds an additional 4.75 inches to the front OR back of the camera, depending on which way it is mounted. The Z-Rig weighs 2.25 lbs.

Q: Do you offer more then one model of the Z-Rig, possibly a different size?

A: Currently the Z-Rig is only offered in one size, but it can accommodate a large variety of cameras. The Z-Rig is equipped to handle almost any DSLR Camera, and what sets the Z-Rig apart from some other rigs is that you have the freedom to use a grip without dealing with interference. The Z-Rig can also handle most small to medium Mini DV/ HD Video cameras with ease.

Q: What if I want to use an external microphone on my Z-Rig with my DSLR, but my camera has a grip and the microphone is unable to be mounted to the hot shoe because of the top of the rig?

A: You will notice 2, 1/4 inch holes on either side of the handle mount. These holes will assist you in mounting external devices. Most external microphones, and even most video lights, have a threaded area below the shoe mount, included with your Z-Rig is 2 extra camera mounting bolts and wing nuts, use these to mount a microphone or light to the Z-Rig! ( Check below for an example.) Or you can purchase optional cold shoe mounts from various retailers on the internet. The least expensive solution is to purchase plastic flash stands from ebay. Almost all of them have 1/4 20 threaded holes on the bottom, and can be easily mounted on the Z-Rig for quicker use of microphones, or lights.

Q: Does the Z-Rig come with a warranty of any kind?

A: Yes, if any parts on the Z-Rig arrive damaged or become damaged for a reason other than personal malfunction (dropping the rig, hitting the rig, camera hits while filming, putting the rig in an oven, throwing the rig off a bridge etc..) please contact Chris at dslrhandle@gmail.com and we will try our best to accommodate your needs.

Aside from part damage, there is NO warranty against the breaking of your camera/gear while using the Z-Rig. If you are rushing to set up and do not tighten your camera mounting screw enough, your camera may fall out, and may break. That is neglegence on your part and in no way will the manufacturer be responsible for such a loss. Same goes for the handle. If the handle is not screwed in all the way, there is a possibility that the rig can disconnect from it and fall to the ground. You must check the tightness of your handle and be sure not to cross thread it when installing it. (These instructions are also packaged with the Z-Rig) As an extra precaution it is required that some sort of strap be attached to your body AND the camera at all times while using the Z-Rig.  99% of video and photo cameras come with a neck strap included, this strap MUST be attached to your camera while using the Z-Rig and must be either around your neck, around your wrist, or attached to your body in some way. Accidents do happen and we at DSLRhandle.com will not be held responsible for any damage to camera equipment as a result of using the Z-Rig. (See “About the Z-Rig” for easy ways to attach a strap while using the Z-Rig)

If used properly, the Z-Rig will do nothing other then help you get the shots you desire! Treat it like you would a tripod or a dolly system, with respect. If you are anything like our builders, you love your camera gear, so be aware when using accessories and always make sure everything is secured tightly!

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