Help/ Setup

Here i a video of the unboxing and initial setup of the currently shipping Z-Rig


Here is a 7 minute video giving an intial overview to the Z-Rig

Check back here for more videos on how to quickly and easily use your Z-Rig to get the shots you want easier than ever!

4 Responses to Help/ Setup

  1. Jason Morris says:

    I slept on this too long… meant to order one earlier this week! If you end up with with another one before February, let me know.

  2. alex rivett says:

    Hey bro. Loving this equipment! But im from the UK and was wondering if you could ship it here? please let me know so i can order my self one!
    Cheers buddy,

    • Chris Zeppieri says:

      We can ship to the UK but out current shipping method is expensive at almost $50US, we are working on a new shipping rate and will have it in the web store when the next batch is available in roughly 2-3 weeks

  3. Peter Garajszki says:

    Hey there.
    I am from Europe too. Is there a possibility to get one in near future?
    Would be great! The $50US is a bit much, is it cheaper by now?
    If not I’d still like to have one.

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